James Rampton playing bass at a gig

Image credit: Kevin Hornby

Hi, I’m James (he/him). Nice to meet you. ๐Ÿ‘‹

I’m a web developer, specialising in bespoke back-office systems and API integrations with Django.

I have a background in Government communications, so I enjoy proofreading and copy editing when I need some time away from code.

I’m also a photographer and musician; you can find some of my work dotted about this site.

My most recent sound design project was a collaboration with Alan Jackson for Andy Baker’s VR Kinetic Sculpture, Gossamer. It’s on display at the Museum of Other Realities. Alan and I created the soundtrack, and I assisted with the audio implementation in Unity.

Here’s some of what I’m up to now.

I’ll occasionally write here on subjects ranging from the above interests to anything else that tickles my fancy.